Psychologists today are integrating contemporary medicine with psychotherapies and alternative therapies to achieve satisfactory and effective treatment outcomes. Alternative therapies help the patients to vent and develop stress management techniques using a creative and healthy outlet. These help in better management of not only the symptoms, but also triggers, preventing a relapse. Some of these alternative therapies popularly used include:

  • Yoga (coming soon): This ancient practice aims at balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines to attain total harmony. Yoga is believed to unite the body and the mind, provide fulfillment yet restraint, and create a balance between nature and humans. It is a holistic approach towards attaining health and complete well-being. Read more
  • Meditation: This is the art of training the mind to induce a state of consciousness that promotes a sense of serenity and increased concentration. Read more
  • Art therapy (coming soon): Art therapy encourages a patient to explore various forms of expressions including designs, colors, and mediums, which help them to express their innermost feelings. Read More

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Addiction and mental health disorders scar an individual for life, distorting their decision making power, thought patterns and the ability to process emotions. However, the use of alternative therapies under professional care provides patients with a constructive outlet to help vent their feelings and accept reality. These therapies allow their minds to flow freely giving their thoughts a natural expression. Slowly, the patients start understanding the therapeutic value of these therapies and become lifetime users.

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction or a mental illness and is looking for a modern yet conventional behavioral treatment center, get in touch with Invictus Health Group. A comprehensive and effective addiction and mental health treatment program comprises of not only medications, but also psychotherapies and alternative therapies, hence why Invictus Health Group has partnered with facilities whom provide treatment at state-of-the-art facilities across Southern California. For further information about how our network of facilities offer customized treatment plans to suit every patient, call our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 and speak with a member of our admissions team. You can also chat online with a representative for further assistance.

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