Recovery approaches for the management of addiction and mental health disorders

A successful treatment program for an addiction or mental health disorder comprises medication, psychotherapies, and alternative therapies. Unfortunately, relying solely either on medication or therapy sessions does not address the complete spectrum of these disorders, leading to incomplete recovery and high chances of relapse. Therefore, it is important to understand the role that each of these treatment approaches plays in an individual’s recovery process.

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Medication is the process of prescribing evidence-based drugs and other therapeutic agents that ensure that the treatment process is safe and effective. These help control cravings in the case of addiction and manage symptoms of mental disorders.


Psychotherapy is a type of psychiatric intervention encompassing therapeutic interactions between the patient and the therapist. It can help troubled patients and their families understand and resolve the complications associated with addictions, mental disorders and dual-diagnosis, make positive changes in life, and modify behavior. There are multiple types of psychotherapy and at times, a combination of different approaches might be useful. In some cases, psychotherapy is used concomitantly with medication management. Read more

Alternative therapies

Management of mental health disorders and substance abuse involves the use of medication and psychotherapy. Recently, many advances have been made in the field of addiction and mental health treatment and as a result, multiple experiential or alternative therapies have been introduced for the effective management of several behavioral disorders. Alternative therapies use arts, crafts, music, guided imagery, etc. to recreate emotional experiences from the past, enabling an individual to release negative emotions which may have remained blocked since a long period of time. Once the patient learns to let go of these pent up emotions, they recover completely and heal not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Read more

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