Inpatient and Outpatient Program

Residential Treatment Center or Inpatient Programs offer the most intensive level of care for mental health disorders, substance abuse disorder and dual diagnosis. Residential treatment is much like inpatient hospitalization, but in a much more private and serene setting. Patients receive care at the treatment center during the day and retire to one of the comfortable residences in the evening for a good night’s sleep.

Residential treatment is appropriate for patients requiring medical or psychiatric supervision, such as those with chemical dependency requiring detoxification, those with suicidal ideation or self-harming behavior, psychotic symptoms, severe depression or other such conditions. Most patients stay 30, 60 or 90 days.

Patients choose inpatient programs because:

  • This treatment style offers 24/7 care.
  • They need to step back from the duties at home and office and concentrate completely on their recovery.
  • In case of substance abuse treatment, their access to addictive substance needs to be eliminated.
  • They need to learn how to cope with triggers.
  • They need to realize that enjoying a life free of addiction is possible.

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Intensive outpatient treatment or intensive outpatient programs (IOP) provide treatment for substance abuse, mental illnesses, and dual-diagnosis that do not require an inpatient or residential stay. For example, a person with substance use disorder (SUD) can receive IOP support through this program while maintaining their lifestyle outside the facility. The same can be opted for by people battling mental health problems or co-occurring disorders.

Patients choose IOP because:

  • They are transitioning to home or sober living after completing a residential program at a substance abuse treatment center.
  • They are unable to take time off school or work for residential treatment.
  • They have just attained sobriety but need continued support.
  • They do not need medically assisted detoxification.

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