Addiction and mental illnesses are debilitating brain diseases. They not only affect the physical and psychological health of a person, but also compromise relationships, especially family bonds. Relationships can be broken, and if a friend or relative is enabling the one addicted to substances, it becomes even more difficult for them to either build the relationship back or seek or receive help.

At Invictus Health Group, we understand that when an individual is undergoing mental health or substance abuse treatment, their families are also under great pressure, and may require some healing of their own. Therefore, we strongly believe that for complete and comprehensive recovery of a patient, family involvement is indispensable. Invictus Health Group offers supportive family services in an attempt to heal every person involved in the recovery process at state-of-the-art behavioral health centers whom we have partnered with. Family services offer includes family groups, family therapy, and an intensive family program.

The presence and participation of family members in substance abuse treatment is helpful as it provides patients with great emotional and motivational support during rehabilitation. Further, it reduces the risk of relapse after they complete their program. Once the consent of a patient is received, the family is integrated into all aspects of the treatment process.

Family members may be engaged in pre-admissions, admissions, discharge planning, and recovery management. They are also encouraged to participate in the family groups, family therapy, and the two-day intensive family program while their loved ones are receiving treatment at one of Invictus Health Group’s partnering licensed drug recovery centers.

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Family Groups

Weekly family group meetings provide patients and their family members with information related to the patient’s present situation and their treatment progress. A group facilitator leads the family groups and arms them with psychoeducation, encouraging them to participate and share their experiences and how they relate to specific topics. Psychoeducation refers to the awareness imparted about the condition a patient is suffering from and other specific issues related to the condition.

Some of the topics discussed in the family group meetings are:

  • Continuing care planning
  • Family roles and dynamics
  • Enabling and codependency
  • Recovery management services
  • Managing symptoms and triggers
  • Establishing appropriate boundaries

Family Therapy

Our partners provides family therapy for individuals battling addiction, mental disorder and co-occurring disorders. During these sessions, patients and their family members can discuss the issues that impact them greatly. The sessions offer a platform to all the individuals to repair their fractured relationships by coming clean about the problems they faced during a loved one’s mental illness, substance abuse, or drug recovery and finding a solution.

Family therapy is useful for helping family members understand why their loved ones exhibited certain behaviors as well as what they can expect while their loved one is in treatment. This knowledge helps reduce feelings of grief, anger, stress, and/or conflict among the family members.

The family therapy sessions are monitored by professionals who help patients and their families strengthen and improve their troubled family relationships, communication lines, and skills of conflict-resolution. In addition, family members can also address specific problems, including the impact of the substance abuse and/or mental illness on the entire family.

Intensive Family Program

A two-day intensive family program is offered at each of our partnering locations. These programs are focused on bringing the patient and their families together and supporting them with recovery resources based on their requirements. The goal is to educate patients and their families to build positive family relationships. Some of the elements of our two-day intensive program are:

  • Education
  • Workshops
  • Support groups
  • Reading and reflection
  • Presentations by clinical staff
  • Personal and family goal setting
  • Individual, group, and family psychotherapy

Recovery Management Services for Families

Recovery management services are provided to patients and their families following the completion of their mental health or drug addiction treatment programs. Patients and their families can attend support groups, workshops, events, and activities to help them maintain the strong connection needed to encourage and support a solid and long-term recovery. Invictus Health Group extends its continuing care support to even family members after their loved ones finish their treatment schedule.

Recovery management services offered to patients and their families include:

  • Al-Anon meetings
  • Educational workshops
  • Community planned events
  • Family and peer-to-peer support
  • Annual patient and family alumni events
  • National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) meetings
  • Email notifications of upcoming events and activities

If you would like any further information about the types of family services offered to patients and their families during a patient’s mental health and substance abuse treatment at Invictus Health Group, call our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 to speak with a member of our admissions team. You can even chat online to a representative for further information.

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