Addiction Treatment Locations

At Invictus Health Group we offer substance abuse treatment, co-occurring psychiatric and substance disorders programs (COPSD) treatment, and mental health treatment along with detox programs for patients struggling with addiction. Based out of four prime locations in California, Invictus Health Group facilities are located in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs.

Invictus Health Group offers customized drug addiction treatment programs to help treat drug addiction and co-occurring conditions in both adult males and females, above 18 years of age, in 3 prime facilities. The fourth facility is solely dedicatedly to adolescents and teen patients, aged 12-17.

All our facilities offer drug addiction treatment programs focused not just on individual and group psychotherapies, but also on activities like mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques that promote holistic healing and development. In addition to substance abuse treatment, all our facilities are also well-equipped to offer mental health treatment as well as treatment programs for dual diagnosis.

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Addiction Treatment Locations

Levels of Care

The behavioral health centers of Invictus Health Group offer intensive residential treatment plans that include 24-hour monitoring in a safe and comfortable environment. This type of treatment program not only provides housing for the individual but also provides them with meals, therapy, outings, and 24/7 crisis intervention for the duration of their substance abuse treatment program.

Once the patients are admitted to any of our facilities, they undergo a complete physical and psychological assessment to ensure that they do not have an underlying medical condition that may interfere with the treatment process. If they do, a customized plan is designed to simultaneously address both the addiction and the underlying causes.

Apart from our residential treatment program, all our behavioral health centers also offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Based on the patient’s history and present requirements, the consulting physician advises the type of treatment required. Patients also upgrade to these programs on the basis of their treatment outcomes.

Invictus Health Group’s Orange County Facility

Located just a couple of miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Invictus Health Group’s Orange County facility is a safe refuge for mental health and drug addiction treatment patients. This 40-bed facility, based out of the picturesque Orange County, is easily accessible. It has separate sleeping arrangements for male and female patients.

The residential rooms of the facility have large, comfortable and modern bedrooms with central air conditioning and heating, clean bathrooms, large open spaces, ample storage options, and spacious floor plans. The in-house staff at this facility ensures that all the household requirements of the patients are met, so that they can focus solely on their drug recovery while leading a stress-free life during their treatment cycle.

Invictus Health Group’s San Diego Facility

Our Rancho San Diego facility offers holistic drug recovery treatment plans especially for adolescents and teen patients, aged 12-17. The facility also offers treatment for various teen mental disorders, co-occurring disorders, and behavioral issues. The highly-skilled staff at the San Diego facility is well trained to address the distinctive needs of teens and adolescents.

Located in a rural, calm, and tranquil setting, the Rancho San Diego facility is just apt for the healing of young minds and souls. To make the stay more camp-like for the young teens, the facility is surrounded with tree-lined grounds. It has five large, comfortable cabins with 14 bunk style beds in each cabin. The facility takes special care in terms of the security of the young patients and is properly guarded 24/7. To keep the young people engaged, the facility offers various sports and hiking activities.

Invictus Health Group’s Los Angeles Facility

The Muse House at Chatsworth is located in the western region of a huge metropolitan center, not far from domestic and international airports. The facility is known for providing holistic substance abuse treatment plans, dual diagnosis, and mental health treatment plans.

The well trained staff at the dual diagnosis center offers a wide range of alternative therapies and services to help the patients achieve lasting recovery and start life anew in the society as productive members. Apart from the residential treatment program (RTC), the Muse House also offers partial hospitalization program (PHP), and a non-medical detox program.

Invictus Health Group’s Palm Springs Facility

Located at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, the Palm Springs facility offers a tranquil setting in a spectacular landscape. Since the facility is quite close to the Palm Springs International Airport, it is easily accessible for people, which makes it a convenient destination for patients coming from other areas.

This 22-bed facility has separate staying arrangements for both the genders. The daily schedule of patients in this facility includes activities, chores, therapies, scheduled meals, and outings. The facility offers drug addiction treatment, dual diagnosis, and mental health treatment. The facility also offers a dedicated detox program to help patients recover from the damage caused due to substance abuse. It also offers various alternative therapies like yoga, exercise, meditation, art and music therapy.

Invictus Health Group believes that everybody deserves to live an addiction-free life. It is this belief that has prompted us to set up behavioral health centers at multiple location to enable us to assist more and more people seeking complete drug recovery. To know how we can help you achieve this, call our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190. You can also chat online with a representative for further assistance.

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