Addiction is a serious brain disease that compels an individual to practice uncontrollable drug seeking and using behavior centered around a particular substance. People addicted to a substance are unable to regulate their use, experience intense cravings, and continue using the substance despite knowing about the negative consequences of use.

Such people exhibit constant drug seeking behavior where they spend each waking moment obsessing about where to get the next fix from and the effects that it would create. Moreover, an individual may develop tolerance and physical dependence on a substance without actually being addicted to it. However, there is a fine line between the two that does not take much to cross.

Whether addicted or not, substance abuse leads to many serious short- and long-term consequences. In order to protect oneself from these, it is best to seek substance abuse treatment at a certified behavioral health center that offers customized intervention plans for complete recovery from drug use.

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Invictus Health Group offers various treatment intervention programs at our partner’s centers based on the severity of addiction and duration of use. Each patient undergoes a preadmission assessment to determine their triggers, substance of abuse, polysubstance abuse, and how the addiction has affected them. Based on this information, our qualified staff prepares a customized treatment plan which is then administered under close supervision to help the individual achieve recovery.

The first step in any drug addiction treatment program is detoxification, which helps rid the body of toxins accumulated with years of abuse. The process also helps manage withdrawal symptoms, which might be extremely uncomfortable, painful and life-threatening. Additionally, detoxification helps prepare the body and the mind for the ensuing treatment.


After detoxification, the medical staff would start the customized substance abuse treatment program. This would comprise therapies and medications and its main aim would be to equip the patient with life skills and coping mechanisms to deal with future triggers and stressors.

Sometimes, the medical practitioner realizes that there is an underlying mental disorder that led to the individual abusing substances. In such cases, parallel intervention programs are run to treat both the conditions simultaneously.

Based on the severity of the diagnosis, a patient might be referred to a residential treatment program or an intensive outpatient program. The medical staff whom Invictus Health Group works with would determine which drug recovery program is best suited for an individual based on their previous history, drug use habits, current behavior, and medical history.

Continuing Care

When an individual is in a substance abuse treatment center, they are in a controlled environment, devoid of any triggers. But, once they leave the center, they would have to face their old triggers, meet people they associated with drug use, and visit places where they enjoyed using substances. These would challenge them relentlessly tempting them to relapse.

However, if enrolled into a continuing care program, their recovery would be long-lasting. This is because continuing care, as the name suggests, ensures that care is continued even after leaving the center. The program connects the individual with support groups in their locality, so that they receive constant support throughout their recovery.

Comprehensive Approach

Invictus Health Group’s partners offer a complete spectrum of therapy including nutritious meals, physical exercise, and cognitive remediation to ensure that a patient recovers as an individual. We understand that addictions affect people, but do not define them. Therefore, we believe in treating the addictions and the underlying causes to help the individual emerge stronger.

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