The pandemic has changed the landscape of the addiction healthcare industry forever. With staying at home becoming a norm and becoming the new normal, a demand for more innovative ways of treatment was felt – after all mental health and addiction diseases do not stop affecting a person just because they are at home.

This is the reason why we worked closely with our network partners to offer more treatment modalities through Telehealth. Though, not new to the style of intervention, we did start incorporating group sessions, family therapy sessions, and other treatment modalities in the Telehealth program.

Throughout 2020, Telehealth made us see the following advantages:

  • Safe and effective
  • Zero absence as sessions can be taken virtually from anywhere
  • Better treatment response from patients
  • Private, as these are taken from the comfort of your home
  • Confidential

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Patients, who had reached milestones in their recovery journey, but still needed assistance, were quick to join the virtual platform for encouragement. However, a lot of new patients also enrolled in our network partner’s Telehealth programs and have benefitted hugely from the evidence-based treatment interventions offered.

Our network partners offer high-resolution audio-video consultations and therapy sessions so that patients can have a real-life experience. Our partners equip the patients with life tools that help them not only recover but also maintain their recovery. Committed to your recovery, we ensure that our network partners follow the best practices in mental health and addiction treatment so that you are able to live life to the fullest without any kind of fear of mental health disorders or addiction.

To learn more about our network partners offering Telehealth or virtual treatment programs, call our 24/7 mental health and addiction treatment helpline 866-548-0190.

In spite of the huge success rate of our Telehealth program, we have now started opening our doors for limited number of patients, who want to opt for inpatient treatment.

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