26 Little Things You Can Do Instead of Using Drugs

26 Little Things You Can Do Instead of Using Drugs

April 07, 2021

26 Little Things You Can Do Instead of Using Drugs

Substance Abuse

Repeated drug exposure, as suggested by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, may lead to chemical dependence. It is a biological condition characterized by adaptation of the neurons to the drug use in a way that they could only function normally when the drug is available.

Several physiological reactions (called as withdrawal symptoms) may occur if the drug is withdrawn, which may range from the mild (like for caffeine) to life threatening (like for alcohol and other illicit drugs).

Chemical dependency is not limited to those who are active drug or alcohol abusers; it may also affect those who are on medication like opioids for long period and hoping to recover from their illnesses. Therefore, it is the time one should stop using these addictive substances and look for non-medicinal coping skills, in addition to addiction treatment, to get over addiction and dependency.

Here are some effective coping skills that can help you avoid or at least minimize drug use over a period of time. But, before you do that connect to your friends and family as these are the people who love and will support you. Call a friends or family members and ask them to spend some time together. However, make sure they don’t push you into the darkness you want to come out from.

It is time to find pleasure in those small things. Read a book of your choice, throw a Frisbee or ball for your dog, go for a walk in the city or in the woods, go for mountaineering, plan a road trip, cook for your loved ones. There are hundreds of such things that you can do instead of using drugs.

Listed here are the fun activities you should do instead of using drugs to get rid of addiction and develop a fresh perspective toward life:

  1. Make a quilt from your old t-shirts.
  2. Visit a museum.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Make and try a food you could never try before.
  5. Just head for a drive in any direction and see where you end up.
  6. Go bowling.
  7. Write in a journal.
  8. Consider playing a video game.
  9. Write a letter of gratitude to a friend.
  10. Go to an animal shelter or pet store and look at animals.
  11. You are the hero of your story so try writing an outline for your autobiography.
  12. Perfect a song of your choice for karaoke.
  13. Learn about another culture you always have an interest in.
  14. Go solo camping.
  15. Make a list of things you feel thankful for.
  16. Look at the clouds and figure out the shapes.
  17. Donate your old clothes or things that can be useful to someone.
  18. Try learning and playing an instrument.
  19. Try poetry.
  20. Ride public transportation if you haven’t tried it before.
  21. Pick up trash in your neighborhood.
  22. Practice relaxation techniques like Yoga, meditation or even going for a hike.
  23. Binge watch your favorite movies and TV series you have been planning to watch for long.
  24. Try painting and start it with your self-portrait.
  25. Find pleasure in gardening by planting some colorful flowers or herbs.
  26. Give yourself a makeover by trying a funky new haircut.

These are just a few things you can consider to divert your attention from drugs. You can make your own list of things you find pleasure in. However, you should immediately consider addiction treatment if you are unable to deal with chemical dependence.

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