What is it like dating a narcissist?

What is it like dating a narcissist?

April 06, 2021

What is it like dating a narcissist?

Mental Health

Narcissistic personality disorder is often mistaken as self-confidence or being self-centered but unfortunately both the things are different. When someone is quite obsessed with themselves we call them Narcissist.

But to define narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) it’s mental illness characterized by:

  1. Self adulation and seeking for excessive importance
  2. Seeking for excessive attention
  3. Lacking sense of empathy for others
  4. They land up with toxic and abusive relationships
  5. They are occupied with fantasies either as a hero or as a victim
  6. They consider themselves to be special and nobody can be compared with them.
  7. They have a feeling of self entitlement.
  8. Their behavior is quite exploitive for others
  9. They envy others success because as per them they are better than others in every aspect.
  10. They are completely arrogant and potray very rude behavior.

Are You Dating A Narcissist?

  1. For a Narcissist it is always about them. Whenever you are on your date they will always tell their prelevance; their stories on the first place.
  2. They are very charming and seductive in their date but they change their color soon.
  3. A Narcissist person will self praise or self inflate themselves and expect you also praise them. They are hungry for admiration but on the other hand they undermine you.
  4. They are self obsessed and love to look at themselves. They love clicking pictures of themselves. Even on date they will focus on their picture how they look not as a partner all together.
  5. Narcissists usually act as heroes or victims when they tell stories. So when your boyfriend tells you about their recent relationship, recent job, broken friendship or family life, please listen carefully.
  6. Narcissists have no ability to empathize with anyone. They do have ability to understand the pain or suffering of others. They don’t realize how their words, actions, or behavior affect people around them. They are too selfish to lose your temper and understand how others feel.
  7. They have poor ability to retain people in their life. If things do not go in their way they can dispose of any relationship at any point of time.
  8. When it comes to attention and recognition, they are self centered  just like a bottomless pit. They never get tired of hearing their own good or bad, they need constant attention and praise. There is an emotional gap that is usually rooted in childhood and needs to be filled, but it can never be filled.
  9. They are much more concerned about their own reputation than others. If it comes to their own image they can put you down in public.
  10. They get angry and mentally injured very soon which our Therapist call Narcissistic Injury. Even if you tell them anything unintentionally, they will take it in other sense personally.

How To Cope Up

The only to cope up is to break up with the Narcissistic Individual although it might be difficult. But for break up you need to remind yourself that you deserve a better person. Built a good emotional and supportive network of friends and relatives with whom you can share your emotional turmoil. A Narcissist person will try their best to stop you but you need to realize you are just meant to satisfy their ego.

Speak To A Therapist

Last but not the least you can take your partner to a therapist and yourself can also speak to a therapist. Sometimes, if the emotional pain is too severe for you to understand, the therapist can help. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Sometimes these painful events in life are too big for a person. These traumatized, painful events in the body and mind can become frightening and overwhelming. You may need to learn self-control and restraint first. You can always speak to a therapist to come out of these mental pain via effective treatment. Please contact Invictus Health Group. You can call our 24/7 Mental Health Service at 866-548-0190 to get more information about a psychiatric center near you. You can also chat with our admissions consultants to learn more about treatment plans and our network of mental health centers.

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