What is FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and how to cope with it?

April 13, 2021

What is FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and how to cope with it?

Mental Health

FOMO or “fear of missing out” is a reality that is becomes more and more common and can cause tremendous stress in your life. It can affect almost anyone, but some people are at a higher risk.

How to Explain FOMO?

Fear of Missing Out indulge a feeling of missing out something very important or big in life. Person suffering from FOMO live under a delusion that others are leading a happier life than them. They keep on comparing their lives with other such as job, business, promotion, family or even vacation.

What Are the Causes of FOMO?

  1. Over usage of social networking media can cause FOMO. Not surprisingly, teenagers use social media sites extensively and therefore may encounter FOMO. However, it is interesting that FOMO is a mechanism to encourage increased use of social media. Girls with depression are more likely to use social media sites, and anxiety is a trigger for boys to increase their use of social media, which suggests that increased use of social media may lead to a higher incidence of FOMO.
  2. Smartphone users are experiencing higher tendency for Fear of missing out.
  3. Studies suggest that fear of missing out was associated with a lower sense of self-realization and lower satisfaction with overall life. FOMO is closely related to extensive social media participation. It is speculated that FOMO is related to the increase in the need to participation in social media and the increase in participation, which means that FOMO and social media habits will lead to a negative cycle of self-replication.

Impact of FOMO

Research studies have shown that person suffering from FOMO take a stake on self happiness but constantly comparing self with others. If it is left unattended then it can trigger extreme Depression. It is always advisable to avoid social networking sites and if still experiencing constant unhappiness then consult a Therapist.

How to Cope with FOMO? 

  1. Engage with real life connection not virtual ones in social networking site. It’s always healthy to meet your friends and family and not to remain isolated.
  2. Keep a journal of all happy things in your life.
  3. Practice gratitude about all good things in your life.
  4. Never compare with anyone because you would never know what is the actual reality.

Although FOMO is highly related to the use of social media, it is important to remember that this is a very real and universal feeling for people of all ages, and everyone experiences a certain degree of FOMO at different times in their lives. When you feel that you are missing something, you can help connect with friends or take time to think about the things you are grateful for in your life. When we increase our sense of belonging, this can help us see things as the right things. And let go of the alarm, letting you know that something is “missing”.

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