Ways to Overcome Body Shaming Woes

Ways to Overcome Body Shaming Woes

April 22, 2021

Ways to Overcome Body Shaming Woes

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For some strange reason, our society has a pre-conceived notion about a body type. Thanks to the cosmetic industry that has further defined certain standards of an ideal body type – healthy or not, it hardly matters.

In this social set up, individuals that don’t fall in that ideal body proportion start feeling bad about their body or simply fall prey to body shaming. Then, there are pictures, blogs, articles, videos, and vlogs that circulate around to teach us how we should look. Articles telling you what you should do to have a “perfect bikini body” poke you round the clock to sometimes even attempt the impossible. These kinds of messages may appear so normal that we fail to acknowledge the fact of “different people different bodies”.

And the pity is the idea of a hypothetical body type is served so unanimously that even the most educated ones fall prey to this false truth. They couldn’t acknowledge that it’s not the truth and they don’t have to change their bodies to qualify that idea of bodies that fit into a bikini, tankini, one-piece, and perhaps even their birthday suits.

Overall, the message we want to convey is there’s nothing like a perfect body shape. Like our facial features, no two individuals have the same body metrics. Therefore, it is focus on health parameters rather than those extra centimeters or millimeters around your waist or breast areas. Since, we know the free advises on how you should look would still come; here are some tips to help you give a damn about body shaming statements you receive every now and then:

Love your Body. It’s Beautiful in Its Own Way

Your individuality is your strength – be it your body or your interpersonal skills. Don’t let people decide things for you. There is no definition of a perfect body. Your end goal should be to enjoy great physical and emotional health. Listening to such voices may affect your body. The idea is to feel better about you and stay happy and confident. Rest all will fall in place by itself.

Don’t Hide. There’s Nothing to be Ashamed Of

Feeling ashamed about your body may make you to find ways to hide yourself. Don’t cover up with extra clothing or stay silent when they have things to say. Don’t let people decide what you should wear or how you should look. You have an identity of your own, which may be different and not something you should be ashamed of. Come out confident. That spark of confidence on your face is enough to beat any so-called idea of a perfect body. Remember, if you are happy and healthy, nothing else matters.

Become Your Inner Supporter

You need to an inner supporter to give you a true reflection of what you are. It will help you ignore those external critical thoughts so that you don’t harm yourself with them. Your inner-supportive part of yourself would step in every time when your inner-bully would try to make you feel low. However, to create a strong, inner, supportive self, you need to teach you a new language that tells you about good things about your body and that a few inches here and there can’t make you feel low and inferior.

However if you still gather the courage to overcome body shaming woes, you should consider seeing a professional to not let these negative feelings affect you mental health anymore. Call our 24/7 mental health helpline 866-548-0190 and speak with a representative to understand the options to achieve a better mental health.

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