Top 5 jobs for people struggling with social anxiety

Top 5 jobs for people struggling with social anxiety

March 29, 2019

Top 5 jobs for people struggling with social anxiety

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Social anxiety is a debilitating mental health disorder which affects every area of one’s life from relationships to work-life balance. It can be exceedingly difficult to hold onto a job when one is grappling with social anxiety as the job might involve meeting a lot of new people, giving presentations, working in a team and so on, which might not be conducive for the one struggling with this disorder. Fortunately, there are many job options now which involve minimal contact with others, thus, making it possible for a person to keep their job while managing their social anxiety. Some of these jobs are:

  1. Writer/blogger – Writing can be a fun experience. With the advent of so many websites and blogs, writers are in demand more than ever. However, it takes time to identify one’s core niche before one settles down. One can write for a plethora of mediums and make an interesting portfolio. Writing can act as a vent for the pent up feelings especially in case of a socially anxious person. Though it might not involve much interaction with others, one should still try to come out of their comfort zones and network with people to gain insight about the field of work.
  2. Artist – Art can be a beautiful medium of expressing one’s emotions, however, it might take time for one to establish oneself as an artist and earn a decent living. While it might seem like an interesting option to work in isolation on a piece of art the whole day, it is also advisable to participate in art cultural fests and showcase your work in art galleries to earn clients and network.
  3. Landscaper/Gardener – This can be a great option for people who are not comfortable working in an office environment. Landscaping/gardening can provide an opportunity for a person grappling with social anxiety disorder to work outdoors amidst natural settings. Being in the garden, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers and being responsible for nurturing them can be therapeutic for the mind. However, one might also have to interact with the clients every now and then but that can be tailored around one’s schedule.
  4. Dog trainer or animal handler – Many people find it extremely calming to work around animals as the latter do not judge or discriminate. If one enjoys working around animals and have a knack of handling them, then they might want to work as a dog trainer, pet sitter, zoo worker or a groomer. These positions provide ample opportunities to work quietly with the animals and the meetings with the pet owners can be fixed as per one’s discretion.
  5. Computer programmer/software developer – If one has an eye for detail and a problem solving aptitude, one can opt to become a computer programmer or a software developer. Here, one’s employer will be more interested in one’s analytical skills than their social skills. One can work independently as a consultant, however, one must also never miss the opportunity to network as these offer a window for growth and learning.

Social anxiety can be treated

It is important to take stock of one’s social anxiety before it starts affecting one’s career. No matter how isolated and self-limiting a profile is, one should try not to miss the opportunity to network with colleagues as it helps to understand the job and people better and also opens a gamut of opportunities. If you think your social anxiety is a roadblock, commit to treatment today.

If you or your loved one is suffering from social anxiety or any other kind of anxiety, then get in touch with the Invictus Health Group. Call our 24/7 mental health treatment helpline (866)-548-0190 to know about our state-of-the-art anxiety treatment centers. Patients seeking admission to our facility our given a thorough assessment so that an anxiety treatment program customized to their needs can be designed. Such a program ensures that their anxiety and all the underlying causes are addressed effectively ensuring that the patient enjoys lasting recovery. You can also chat online to our admission counselors to get information about our anxiety treatment clinics specializing in treating all forms of anxiety disorders.

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