Tips to beat travel anxiety

Tips to beat travel anxiety

March 26, 2019

Tips to beat travel anxiety

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Traveling can be fun. However, for a person suffering from travel anxiety, meeting people from different cultures, navigating unfamiliar streets, eating food from the local roadside, etc., can be a source of great stress. The rigors of packing, taking the children and older adults along, ensuring that everything has been attended to, and nothing has been missed out can take a toll on someone already grappling with an anxiety disorder. Sometimes, one might also have to travel because of work obligations. However, the anxiety associated with travelling does not reduce even for such people.

Anxiety can be incapacitating for some, resulting in the person not being able to enjoy themselves or missing flights or trains. Here are some steps that can be taken to help alleviate travel anxiety.

  • Packing smart – It is advisable to pack many days in advance to avoid last minute jitters. This can be achieved by making important packing lists and sticking to them. Striking off the items as and when they get packed can give a lot of satisfaction and also ensure that nothing is left out. Packing an extra charger, some food items, a favorite playlist, a comforting pillow, a kettle, etc., might turn out to be handy, at times.
  • Traveling with companion – Sometimes, it can be unnerving to travel alone. Therefore, one must travel with a companion. It is even more helpful when the companion is an experienced traveler. They can engage one in a conversation, hold hands, guide one through security checks, immigration, boarding, etc. They can also play a game or talk about an interesting experience to keep your nerves calm. A travel companion can be a game changer, thus, one should choose one wisely.
  • Squeezing in some exercise before trip – Exercise is known to release endorphins that alleviate stress and enhance one’s mood. Therefore, before boarding a plane or taking that road trip, one must spend sometime in the gym or go for a brisk walk. This would also help improve sleep cycle and enhance one’s self-esteem.
  • Squeezing in some me time before trip – Spending some quality time on self can be nerve-relaxing. This can be achieved by scheduling an appointment to the salon, going for a massage, or something similar. Reading a book, going for a Zumba class or simply relaxing at home watching your favorite show can clear the head.
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before trip – Going on a vacation may seem like a perfect time to have that extra cocktail or a cappuccino, however, one must avoid taking both as they can aggravate anxiety and make things worse. One should, on the other hand, aim to reach for decaffeinated drinks, sparkling water or a fruit smoothie.
  • Researching your destination thoroughly and saving offline material – Some people feel more in control after they have browsed thoroughly about their destination, local eateries, shopping malls, and other places of interests. A little bit of information can help one communicate with the locals and find out the best deals for self and the traveling group.

Seeking help for anxiety

Sometimes, despite trying hard, the above mentioned tips do not prove to be helpful. Therefore, to curb their anxiety, one might resort to alcohol and other substances which might worsen the condition. In such a situation, one must seek professional help before it gets too late.

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