Getting Married – Reasons to get Premarital Counseling

Getting Married –  Reasons to get Premarital Counseling

March 16, 2021

Getting Married – Reasons to get Premarital Counseling

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Marriages are made in heaven. But, the arrangements for the same are made on earth. So, it’s important they are made well. When it comes to arrangements, premarital counseling is the one that should be on the first of your priority list.

A survey published in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that couples who go for a premarital counseling enjoy better marital satisfaction. Moreover, they are expected to experience 30 percent lower risk of divorce over a period of five years.

Before we talk about premarital counseling, it is important to discuss its concept. Premarital counseling is a sort of precaution or therapy that prepares couples for ups and downs of their marriage. It basically empowers any couple to face the challenges once’’ the honeymoon period ‘’is over. It is a scientific way to ensure that the two people who are going to tie the knot enjoy a healthy and strong relationship, something that is associated with a better chance of a satisfying and stable marriage. At the same time, premarital counseling is an effective way to help couples identify weaknesses of each other so that it doesn’t weaken their bond in the times to come.

In addition to the emotional aspect, premarital counseling has been recommended as a scientific way to prevent or minimize the risk of a number of problems in offspring such as congenital abnormalities, genetic disorders and hereditary diseases. Premarital counseling also allows the health care professionals to intervene as per the identified risks, genetic consulting, required vaccinations and nutrition.

Premarital counseling also helps partners set realistic expectations for marriage, improve their ability to communicate, and develop conflict-resolution skills. In addition, it is also helpful for couples to see their life in new light and get ready to accept each other’s shortcomings. 

The Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Creating Groundwork for a Successful Marriage

Premarital counseling is a great strategy to develop a foundation for a lifelong relationship as it allows partners to know about each other’s emotional as well as biological vulnerabilities.

Conflicts are Hard to Avoid but Resolutions are There Too

When two people who stay under the same roof, face each other, conflicts are bound to happen. But when these two people have an idea this might happen they would already know how to resolve it. Therefore, premarital counseling is advised to prepare the couples for both pleasant as well as unpleasant moments of life.

No Conflict Can Beat Compatibility

When two individuals who know each other, understand each other come together in bond of marriage, no conflict can bother their bond of love. Premarital counseling builds compatibility and patience to stay together in a marriage in all odds.

You are Never Late to Seek Help

Bad times don’t send invitations. But when they come, especially in a relationship, may turn your life upside down. But, before you choose to take extreme steps, it’s important you give time to your marriage, at least for the happy moments you have spent together.

You can also consider seeking help. Call our 24/7 live admission help (866) 548-0190 and don’t let go your married life downhill for things that could have been sorted with minimal effort.

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