4 Powerful Ways to Build Your Resilience

4 Powerful Ways to Build Your Resilience

March 10, 2021

4 Powerful Ways to Build Your Resilience

Mental Health

Bad things are hard to avoid in life. They just come from nowhere and turn our lives upside down. They can come in any shape or size ranging from traumatic events, including the sudden death of somebody dear to you, or other setbacks in work or personal life. According to studies, Americans have 90 percent risk of experiencing such events in lifetime.

While it may be difficult to escape such adversities in life but you can manage these ups and downs of daily life through resilience, suggest experts. Resilience, according to the American Psychological Society is a process of ‘bouncing back’ from difficult experiences and ‘adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress.

Researchers have recommended resilience as an effective way to minimize psychological distress, levels of anxiety, and mixed anxiety/depression. Resilience is also known to alleviate depression symptoms among individuals who have experienced trauma in both childhood and later life.

There’s little doubt about the efficacy of resilience in maintaining optimum mental health, however, it takes a lot to become resilient. Therefore, we have come up with some effective techniques to develop resilience and bounce back from life’s adversaries.

Wellness Is the Key

It’s important to become strong enough from both outside and inside to build resilience. Adopt lifestyle factors like proper nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep and stay hydrated to strengthen your body to adapt to stress and reduce the toll of emotions like anxiety or depression.

Practice mindfulness through yoga, and other spiritual practices such as meditation and/or prayer to restore hope as well as build connections. This can help you to deal with situations that require resilience. Meditating, or praying, looking forward to positive aspects of your life and recall the things you’re grateful can also prove effective in developing resilience.

It is the time when you may feel tempted to find solace in drugs, alcohol, or other substances, but it’s not the way you would like to consider. Instead, divert your attention and focus on managing stress, rather than looking ways to eliminate the feeling of stress altogether. 

Get Close to Those Who Care for You

Relationships are the biggest support when you are down. Connect with empathetic people and those who care for you and make you feel you’re not alone when you are surrounded with problems. Loneliness may make isolate yourself, but it’s important to accept taking help doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are ready to fight back, you are resilient. And, you’ll back to your best again.

So, don’t hesitate to join a group. Get active in faith-based communities, civic groups, and others that provide social support and can help you reclaim hope.

Find Purpose in Life

Life is full of surprises: both pleasant and devastating. Set yourself a goal, a purpose that makes you feel that life is worth living. To achieve that it’s important you are proactive. It will make you acknowledge and accept your emotions during hard times, but it’s also important to help you foster self-discovery by asking yourself, “What can I do about a problem in my life?” If the problems seem too big to tackle, break them down into manageable pieces. Look for opportunities that allow you to self discover yourself. Once you know what you are capable of, no problem is strong enough to bother you. 

Seeking help

The important thing is to remember you’re not alone on the journey. While you may not be able to control all of your circumstances, you can grow by focusing on the aspects of life’s challenges you can manage with the support of loved ones and trusted professionals.

But, if you still feel you will not be able to come out of’ your woes. It’s the time you should consider help. And, we ensure you return to your normal and happy life as soon as possible.

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