John Mulaney Talks About His Intervention and Life After Rehab

John Mulaney Talks About His Intervention and Life After Rehab

September 21, 2021

John Mulaney Talks About His Intervention and Life After Rehab

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John Edmund Mulaney, the 39-year-old renowned American standup comedian, writer, actor and producer recently gave a candid interview regarding his substance abuse, intervention, pain of relapse and life after rehab. Mulaney is best known for his work in Saturday Night Live, The Comeback Kid, The Top Part and Kid Gorgeous.

During an interview in 2012, Mulaney opened up about his decision to get sober. “I used to drink uncontrollably, until I blacked out and spoil parties,” said Mulaney. “I used to overdo and then behave really weird. Even much more weird was I used to forget everythingas soon as I used to regain my senses.”

Mulaney divulged his story of getting sober from 2005 in an interview in 2014. However, in December 2020, he took a step further to delve deep into rehabilitation by seeking help for cocaine and alcohol dependence.

According to sources, his family heaved a sigh of relief as Mulaney opted to seek professional help. “It was John’s decision to heed towards sobriety, he always engaged himself to stay sober but relapses went ugly, he made a good decision to seek treatment at rehabilitation center, which undoubtedly saved his life,” the family said in a statement.

John is now out of the rehabilitation center in 2021 and has announced his separation from his wife Anna Marie Tendler. Shortly after his breakup with his wife the hit comedian has moved on with his girlfriend Olivia Munn who is expecting their first child.

However, Mulaney’s spokesperson has confirmed, John will not be speaking more about his personal life, rather focus on his recovery and getting back to work.

After leaving the rehabilitation center, Mulaney expressed his gratitude towards his friend Seth Meyers for encouraging him to seek treatment and going for an intervention program. During his show in September 2021, Mulaney said “I thank everyone out there, for saving my life”. He further added “You guys saved me from drugs and Olivia your baby helped to recognize myself and saved my life”.

In 2012 during his show New in town Mulaney said, “I don’t drink now, but I used to drink a lot. Though it doesn’t seem to be on my face that I used to drink outrageously. I had to stop it, I had to put it all out there.”

In an interview in 2018 on Off Camera he shared his experience on how he used to act in front of his parents and hid his substance abuse for so long. He said his parents never expected him to be involved in drugs. “My parents expected the parties I used to attend during my high school will be like any other school party and I would be having beer. But I used to camouflage and act very normal to them, where as in core I was doing drugs. I wanted to achieve good grades though, I wanted my teacher to recognize me, I was not worried for my college life though, but yes! I was worried for my life,” said Mulaney.

As told to Esquire in September 2019, Mulaney admitted that he started drinking at the age of 13 and he drank for attention. He used to act hilarious while he was high.  He said he never smoked marijuana but he used to use cocaine and other prescribed drugs. However, he realized his substance use disorder at the age of 23 and wanted to come out of it. Mulaney also said that he never used recovery program at that point of time, however, he made attempts to stay sober until 2005.

After seeking treatment he relapsed in 2020. Mulaney described himself being confronted by family and friends and was encouraged to get help. He has thanked his friend Seth Meyers for intervening on his drug problem and helped him to go through the treatment. He stood like a rock for Mulaney through the entire treatment process.

While speaking about his experience at the rehabilitation center in September 2021 during his show Late Night, Mulaney said he had a dreadful experience for frequently visiting the bathroom and it was all for drugs. He remembered Meyers helping him at his lowest. He thanked Meyer for kick-starting his path towards sobriety. He said “I seriously wanted to get sober, looked for help from my friends. While my friend Meyer has intervened and took a step to help me to deal with my substance abuse and get help”.

He also thanked his girlfriend Olivia Munn who dated him right out of recovery. Now that they are expecting their first child, it came as a ray of hope and encouragement in his life.

John Mulaney has constantly spoken about his struggle of substance dependency to his audience. He wanted his viewers to know that recovery and maintaining sobriety is a long-drawn battle, where relapse serves as the most challenging part.

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