Your safety is our top most priority! It was and will always be!

As America struggles with the deadliest pandemic in its history, we, at Invictus Health Group stand by our promise to keep you safe and secure.

Our facility continues to be a safe haven where you can recover in peace, under the close observation of our super specialized staff. We are leaving no stone unturned to keep you away from harm’s way.

Keeping the additional threat of the pandemic in mind, we have effectively implemented a host of preventive measures. We have upped the checks, increased vigilance and employed protocols in accordance with the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and for reducing exposure to risks associated with COVID-19.

Spend a minute here to understand the measures that we have employed to keep you protected in the days ahead:

Limiting visitation rights

We understand how much you care for your loved one and we apologize for the inconvenience, but in light of the safety requirements for our patients, on-site visitation rights have been repealed.

However you can still stay in close touch with your loved ones via teleconferencing using online channels. You or your loved ones will have to book a time slot according to your convenience. We will do the rest. You might also have to wait longer, and only prior appointees will be allowed to enter

Stringent screening and social distancing norms followed by staff

In addition to the changed rules and regulations being implemented for patients and their loved ones, our staff have also undergone prevention training and will be required to follow strict social distancing norms. These norms are as outlined below.

  • As per the CDC norms, we have ensured that all staff at Invictus Health Group are fully prepared, trained and are capable of handling the coronavirus crises.
  • We are constantly monitoring our staff to ensure that they go through the temperature and symptom screening every time they enter the premises.
  • Every time a staff enters the premises, they are asked questions pertaining to their whereabouts and if they have come in contact with someone infected with corona virus.
  • All staff members are also mandated to adhere to the hygiene and sanitation protocols by wearing masks, gloves, face shields, and PPE kits while in the vicinity of any patient.
  • Social distancing, a minimum of 6 feet, is maintained during all counselling sessions.
  • All the patients and counsellors are encouraged to follow social distancing and hygiene norms during our group therapy sessions.

What we do to keep our premises coronavirus free

  • Disinfection protocols are followed routinely. We are extremely stringent when it comes to keeping the premises virus and bacteria free. For this, the entire premise is sanitized every four hours.
  • We have also ensured a steady supply of PPE kits, hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, face shields and other PPE requirements, so that we are never found wanting.
  • A strict protocol is followed for storage of PPE kits and these are checked before each use.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of corona virus infection is immediately isolated and public health authorities informed (as per the CDC guideline).
  • We are taking in a limited number of patients to ensure not only exclusive care but also complete safety.
  • Patients are also made aware of the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing. They are encouraged to inform the caregiver in case they observe themselves suffering from any of the signs associated with corona virus.
  • We run regular information drills and have placed display boards talking about the dos and the don’ts of tackling COVID-19 at all strategic places within the facility.

Follow the protocol to have a healthy, happy and safe stay!

  • Do not spit in the premises or throw around things like used tissue paper that might contain the virus.
  • Keep a safe distance – 6 meters at least. Always!
  • When in company, wear a mask. Keep yourself safe and ensure that the other is safe too.

Though we’d know, report in case you have any of the symptoms – sore throat, fever, flu, any respiratory problem, etc. It saves time.

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