How do pets help improve our mental health

How do pets help improve our mental health

April 21, 2021

How do pets help improve our mental health

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Have you noticed how pet owners appear to be a tab bit happier, fitter, and smile more easily? Moreover, how they never miss the walk around the park or seem to be enjoying immensely with their pets? Well, this is true.

Several studies conducted all over the world have shown that 74 percent pet owners report improvement in mental health compared to non-pet owners. Further, 75 percent respondents accepted that since their friends or relatives adopted a pet, they displayed better mental and physical health. In another survey conducted in 2011, 76 percent participants accepted that they were able to cope with their daily chores only because of their pets. All such studies agree on the following points:

  • Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression.
  • Pet owners have lower cholesterol levels
  • Pet owners are known to have longer lives compared to non-pet owners

Want to know how, then read on.

Increased exercise: Pets are an excellent way to introduce and keep exercise into your daily schedule. Pets need food, exercise, and care in a scheduled manner on a daily basis. This is the reason why their owners are forced to introduce structure and discipline in their routines and maintain that schedule for their pet’s sake. This keeps the body young and active and slows down aging. Teaching the pet tricks keeps the mind sharp and focused boosting mental health.

Companionship: Studies have shown that people who have friends or are social enjoy a better mental health than those people who are lonely and stay alone. Taking care of a pet’s needs makes you feel loved and wanted. Most pet owners talk to their pets and knowing that someone is listening to you helps you work through your problems easier.

Better social circle: Pets work as great icebreakers. Taking them out for walks or buying their supplies help their owners meet like-minded people. This helps them increase their social circle by planning play dates for their pets, sharing supply reviews and even planning shopping trips together.

Reduced anxiety: Pets provide comfort and ease anxiety. The best thing about pets is that they do help their owners to live in the moment and enjoy what they are doing at present. They tend to make their owners forget about the past and the future, easing their anxieties and worries.

Reduced stress: Sensory activities help in reducing stress quickly. When a pet owner strokes their cat or dog their stress levels and blood pressure reduce significantly providing them relief and making them feel calmer and more in control.

Better expression: People emotionally attached with pets understand the value of relationships. They are able to invest in human relationships and know how to give them time and nurture them. They are also able to express better ensuring that nothing is bottled up inside the person. And when a person is able to express themselves they are less stressed and more in control of their lives.

The way forward

Though owning a pet sounds like a wonderful option, one must not forget that they are a huge responsibility. They need care, love, and looking after like babies. One cannot get a pet at home and then not care for it. However, if this is the case with you or someone you know, then maybe there is a deeper underlying reason for that. It would be advisable to seek professional mental health help at the earliest.

At Invictus Health Group, we collaborate with reliable mental health treatment centers that offer evidence-based treatment interventions for mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, excessive stress, and panic attacks. Call our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 and speak to a trained representative to seek guidance regarding the options available for depression treatment. Alternatively, you can chat online with a representative who would be happy to explain the mental health treatment options available at our partner behavioral healthcare centers.

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