Michelle Heaton Dares to Share Her Journey from Alcoholism to Sobriety

Michelle Heaton Dares to Share Her Journey from Alcoholism to Sobriety

September 27, 2021

Michelle Heaton Dares to Share Her Journey from Alcoholism to Sobriety

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Michelle reveals how her husband stayed by her side in the time even when she herself wanted him to walk away from the marriage.

Michelle Heaton, who shot to fame as a member of the reality TV band Liberty X, is in the spotlight once again. The 42-year-old singer is grabbing headlines ever since she shared photographs of her pre-and post-recovery from alcohol addiction.

Heaton shocked many last Tuesday when her Instagram post showed two contrasting images of her. While the one with a swollen face and the bloodshot eyes, as she revealed in the post, was taken 20 weeks ago when she was battling severe alcohol addiction, the other one was of a happy and healthy Heaton who has left her addiction woes behind.

“20 weeks ago this was me – Ruined – immune system was shutting down. The second is me today – Saved – strong happy healthy,” her post read.

Heaton shares her journey to recovery from alcohol addiction

The English actor became a role model for many when she dared to post these unsettling pictures alongside the ones that showed her strong side. And what better time it could be than the National Sober Day and the National Recovery Month to tell her 280,000 Instagram followers that alcohol addiction could not clinch an inch of the mental and physical strength she always possessed and would continue to own.

Talking about her two contrasting pictures, she said, “Recognizing this provides a model for future generations who will be my picture one! And then the second picture demonstrates how to enjoy life alcohol-free, the day will embolden future generations to say no to alcohol.”

Appreciation has been pouring in from all sides for Heaton’s brave move.

Model and TV personality Katie Price shared the image posted by her “incredible strong best longest loyal friend ever” (Michelle Heaton) and lauded her for showing courage to seek help and achieve the unbelievable transformation.

Praised husband for being with her in difficult times

Amid the overwhelming applauds, Heaton did not forget to appreciate the efforts of her husband Hugh Hanley, to whom she has been married for 11 years. Hanley stood beside her during the testing times and did not shy away from the problem. In fact, he helped her battle against alcoholism.

Speaking to the ‘Closer’ magazine, Heaton revealed how her husband stayed by her side even when she wanted him to walk away from the marriage. She showered praises for her man who accepted her alcoholism and supported her until she overcame it.

“I wanted Hugh to leave me because I knew I was killing him, and he wanted to leave me but he could not. He made himself quite ill because he had nowhere to go,” she stated.

Seeking help for alcoholism

Michelle is a living example of the fact that if you decide to fight alcoholism, then it cannot enslave you against your will. Any addiction is treatable if a person makes up their mind to overcome it. Just like Heaton, you just need to step up and seek profession help.

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