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Admission Process

The admission process at Invictus Health Group is streamlined to ensure that our patients are navigated through the entire process smoothly. We have trained admissions representatives to help the patients determine the coverage provided by their health care plan, and guide them through the financial aspects of their program. Our representatives will answer any questions that the patients and their families might have regarding the insurance coverage, facility, staff, and the treatment provided.

To learn more about substance abuse treatment programs and mental health programs, call our 24/7 helpline number 866-548-0190 or chat online with our qualified representatives.

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For Patients and Families

Deciding to reach out for help for addiction or a mental health disorder is the stepping stone for recovery. At Invictus Health Group, we understand that seeking treatment and getting admitted to a drug addiction treatment facility can get overwhelming for a patient and their family. Hence, we strive to offer help at each step so that the admission process is as seamless as possible.

Here is a brief outline of the process so that everyone involved knows what to expect and is on the same page.

  • Assessment prior to admission: Each patient seeking admission to an Invictus Health Group needs to undergo a rigorous and comprehensive pre-admission assessment to ascertain the disorders they are suffering from. This assessment is carried out by the admission specialist either in person or over the phone. The assessment record and a detailed patient profile is then shared with our team of addiction and mental health specialists. Based on the patient’s background and other shared information, our network of treatment centers whom we have partnered with will have one of their experts outline a treatment plan for the patient. The pre-admission chat also offers the patient a chance to ask any questions they have about Invictus Health Group, our network of facilities, staff, or the treatment procedure. At this point, the admission specialist would help set a mutually agreeable tentative admit date with the patient. Pre-assessing patients is essential to recovery. Invictus Health Group’s partners plan a treatment intervention customized to suit each patient’s requirements. The pre-assessment session provides the blueprint for this program.
  • Admission: The patient arrives at the drug addiction treatment center on the pre-decided admit date. Invictus Health Group encourages the family to get involved at this stage so that the patient does not feel lonely and anxious. This step in the admission process is the busiest as we complete the paperwork, compile information regarding insurance, walk the patient through their treatment procedure, allow them to review the rules, regulations, and procedures, and help them tour the facility. At this juncture, we encourage the patient and their families to ask as many questions as possible so that when they enter treatment, they do so with a clear, responsive, and a positive frame of mind.
  • Introduction: The admission process is concluded with the intake. After this, the patient is introduced to their medical team, who may ask them further questions to finalize the treatment program. After this, we bid adieu to the family for the time being. Depending upon the time of entry, the patient might have a meal and then gets introduced to the rest of the facility staff and fellow patients in recovery. They might also participate in the therapy sessions.
  • Treatment: Our network of treatment centers provide treatment to the patients, based on their requirements, as established during the pre-admission process. Their behavioral health centers specialize in a wide range of evidence-based and alternative therapies for holistic treatment. As the patient progresses, the treatment program is tweaked and modified to adjust to the patient’s changing requirements.
  • Family visits and involvement: Once the patient settles into treatment, their families can start visiting after about a week’s time. Family intervention is indispensable because it affects a patient’s life. Therefore, a family’s involvement is not limited to social calls. They are encouraged to participate in the treatment program, via family therapy programs, understand the disorder and its triggers and help the patient sustain recovery once they return home. However, every visitor visiting the patient must be pre-approved by the Invictus Health Group staff. Patients expecting a visitor can submit a pass request form to the primary therapist in their medical team, no later than Wednesday before the weekend on which the visit is planned. HIPAA rules regulate that patients and visitors meet in designated areas as residences or some other areas are off-limits for friends and families.
  • Discharge: As the treatment program concludes, the patient is ready to face the real world, away from the safe and trigger-free environment of their treatment facility. Though they are armed with coping skills to navigate successfully through life and maintain their drug recovery, one must remember that they would be constantly challenged by their old triggers. Therefore, patients are encouraged to enlist the support of their family members as well as support groups like the 12-step program to build on their progress and sustain their recovery. Many of Invictus Health Group’s network of facilities offer continuing care programs to help patients support their recovery through the first year after treatment.

Family Welcome Packet

Invictus Health Group provides families with the Family Welcome Packet. This serves as a helpful and handy resource as it contains information on the following:

  • Visitors
  • Resources
  • Residence rules
  • Family involvement
  • Treatment locations
  • Group conduct rules
  • Contact information
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Treatment timeline overview
  • Consent and release of information
  • Dual-diagnosis and mental health phase system

We encourage you to go through each page to explore how each program works and understand how important family participation is to your loved one’s treatment.

If you have any questions about the admissions process, get in touch with our admissions staff by calling our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190. You can even chat online with a representative for further assistance.

For Healthcare Professional

Sometimes, a patient enters Invictus Health Group through a health care professional’s referral. We have structured our admissions process in such a way that the patient does not have to be concerned with completing the paperwork. The healthcare professional and a member of our admissions team will complete the required admissions paperwork beforehand. If they desire, the health care professional can stay engaged in the recovery process of the referred patient.

Seeking treatment for a mental disorder or an addiction is a huge step for anyone to take. When a health care professional directs a patient to Invictus Health Group, they place a huge amount of trust in us. We ensure that the patient does not have to struggle with anything. We will take care of all the formalities backstage so that the patient can concentrate on their recovery.

Referral Process

The steps for the referral process are:

  • Identifying a referral: A health care professional can refer a patient to the Invictus Health Group by calling our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 or sending us an email at [email protected].
  • Collaboration: Once a referral is received, the Invictus Health Group staff works closely with the health care professional to generate a patient portfolio.
  • Intake: During intake, the Invictus Health Group staff discusses the consent forms with the patient. No information about the patient or their progress is released unless the patient gives consent. The patient can keep several people informed about the progress of their treatment by signing multiple consent forms.
  • Post-intake: Invictus Health Group contacts the referring health care professional within three working days of the patient taking admission. We understand that not all health care professionals might choose to stay apprised of a patient’s progress. We ensure that the health care professional’s choice is regarded.
  • Referral coordinator: A referral coordinator is assigned for those health care professionals who choose to be a part of the referral’s recovery journey. The coordinator would stay in touch with them, giving them regular updates about the patients. The initial phone call serves to establish the relationship between Invictus Health Group and the referent. It also serves as an opportunity for the referent to establish the frequency and nature of updates they want to receive.
  • Discharge planning: Invictus Health Group strongly recommends the integration of a continuing care program in each and every patient’s discharge plan. All patients who successfully complete treatment at an Invictus Health Group facility are entitled to one year of continuing care treatment. Enrollment into this program ensures that the patient sustains and supports their recovery.

For more information or to begin the referral process, call our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 and talk with an admission specialist. You can also chat online with a representative for further assistance.

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