Real Estate Survey Reveals Americans Prefer to Stay Where Marijuana is Legal

Real Estate Survey Reveals Americans Prefer to Stay Where Marijuana is Legal

November 05, 2021

Real Estate Survey Reveals Americans Prefer to Stay Where Marijuana is Legal


According to a recent survey, released by the real estate company Redfin, Americans are making a beeline to stay in states where marijuana is legal, rather than in those states that continue to criminalize marijuana consumers.

So far, 15 states in the United States and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. On the other hand, 36 other states in the US have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.

Another report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that states where recreational and medical marijuana have been legalized for more than three years have seen a hike in demand for commercial properties. This shows that legalization of marijuana is impacting the American real estate.

According to the Redfin survey, which included 1023 Americans who moved to metro areas in the past 18 months, 46 percent expressed their preference to stay in marijuana-legalized states compared to only 22 percent who preferred to stay in states where marijuana is still being criminalized. They were also asked about voting rights, abortion policy and anti-discrimination laws for gender and sexual orientation.

The 22 percent of the respondents who were unwilling to stay in cannabis legalized states expressed diverse views. 12 percent of the people preferred to stay in states where cannabis can be purchased legally, while 10 percent of the people denied staying in states where cannabis is legalized.

The 46 percent people who expressed their willingness to stay in marijuana-legalized states also expressed diverse views. 32 percent of the respondents did not care about the marijuana concern in states while 12 percent deliberately wanted to stay in marijuana-legalized states. Only 34 percent responded that they would prefer cannabis-legalized states over cannabis-criminalized states.

The Redfin survey found that public policies on cannabis are not the only deciding factors for where to move, there are other considerations often that take precedence.

Taylor Marr, the deputy chief economist for Redfin, said in a press release that affordability of the house, access to school and jobs are considered as a priority by people. Sometimes people move from blue to red zones because they prefer to stay in neighborhoods with similar political views.

One prior study conducted by the real estate marketplace Zillow, marijuana legalization is connected with higher home property values. Home values have multiplied three-fold to $ 6338 in cannabis-legalized states compared to non-legalized states.

Another study, conducted last year, by the University of Oklahoma, showed similar results. The study found that there was significant increase in property prices after cannabis got legalized in the states.

A recent study authored by a federal official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, revealed that legalization of marijuana have played a major role in lowering the crime rates and this could be a primary reason people are interested in relocating to marijuana-legalized states.

Cannabis use disorder and how to get help

Though people prefer to stay in cannabis-legalized states, there are many recent studies that have shown cannabis use is increasingly becoming common in legalized states leading to cannabis use disorder (CUD).

Cannabis use disorder is often linked to increasing dependence—in which a person feels withdrawal symptoms when trying to refrain from it. People who use cannabis often report insomnia, irritability, mood fluctuations, craving, restlessness, decreased appetite, and/or various forms of physical discomfort.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms, time taken to get through the treatment and achieve complete recovery depends on how long it has been abused as well as the amount.

Cannabis use disorder is a widely prevalent substance abuse. People abusing marijuana often exhibit a co-occurring mental health condition and abuse of other drugs or alcohol. Therefore, treating the underlying mental health concern is imperative and will help in treating the cannabis use disorder.

Behavioral health treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which teaches coping strategies to patients and identify the behavior that is triggering substance abuse. It also incorporates contingency management to foster positive behavior so than an individual refrains from substance abuse. There is motivational enhancement therapy that awakes patients’ internal motivation for change.

People often find it difficult to seek treatment due to numerous reasons. They are daunted by social stigmas and their own failure to recognize symptoms and not able to find adequate support.

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