Parent prep important for hungover parenting, says report

Parent prep important for hungover parenting, says report

March 04, 2019

Parent prep important for hungover parenting, says report

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Parenting comes with responsibilities, which multiplies when a parent attends a social event, gets drunk, and has to take care of children at home. It then becomes important that being a parent one ensures that they reach home safely and there are arrangements in place for taking care of the kids the next day. According to a recent report, approximately 25 percent American parents do not think about limiting their consumption of alcohol or of taking care of the kids the next day, when they attend drinking events, such as holiday parties or get-togethers. The findings of the report state that most parents do arrange for a designated driver and childcare for the event, but not beyond that. Very few parents may actually think about their parenting abilities the next day when they are hungover.

The report was generated from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at the University of Michigan. The results were based on the responses received from 1170 parents with at least one child under the age of nine years. Sarah Clark, the poll’s co-director, shared that the amount of alcohol consumed by a mom or a dad could have a direct impact on their parenting abilities the next day. If they passed out on the couch by drinking too much then they may be immune to identifying and responding to the safety hazards faced by children in everyday life.

Parents accept learning lesson and being careful in future

The press release from the University of Michigan (hospital location) revealed that at least one in 12 parents of children younger than nine years of age experienced at least one incidence where their parenting was questionable after a drinking evening. Referred to as hungover parenting, many of these parents shared that through these experiences they learned their lesson and were more careful about making arrangements during and after the social events for their children.

Blogger Julie Scagell shared that once in a while everyone deserved to hang out at a party where one could drink alcohol, but, after children were born, one’s priorities should change and they should become more responsible. The university’s press release stated that 73 percent parents were likely to make plans for someone to watch over their children during the social events while 24 percent parents were not likely to make any plans for limiting their alcohol intake or for childcare the next day. The press release also stated that though parents got a chance to socialize during special events like reunions and holiday parties, it was their responsibility to ensure that their child was safe during and after the event.

Limiting alcohol intake and arranging for childcare

Scagell shared some tips for parents that could help them limit their intake of alcohol and arrange for next-day childcare. She said that alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks was a great way of limiting alcohol intake. In addition, arranging for the children to stay at a relative’s place for the night or calling over the grandparents to ensure that the children received a safe and secure environment were also ways to ensure that the child was cared for during and after the event.

Drinking too much can be a recipe for disaster. One might get out of control and get caught in a tiff, express violent behavior or get involved in an accident. In addition, if one does not have a designated driver, one may face a charge of DUI (driving under the influence). Therefore, it is important to avoid drinking and if indulging, ensuring stringent childcare arrangements during and after the social event.

Seeking help for alcoholism

While with some parents, drinking becomes a norm at every event they attend, for others, it is just difficult to stay away from the glass of wine or control the amount of alcohol they consume. In either cases, the entire family is put at risk. It is thus important to avoid alcohol intake and seek professional help to curb the habit.

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