HNC Virtual Solutions offers technology-leveraged solution for opioid abuse

HNC Virtual Solutions offers technology-leveraged solution for opioid abuse

February 04, 2019

HNC Virtual Solutions offers technology-leveraged solution for opioid abuse


In their quest to find a permanent solution to the United State’s debilitating opioid abuse problem, the researchers at HNC Virtual Solutions–a software company dealing in telemedicine—came up with a multi-pronged technology-enabled solution to cobble the crisis. They found that a long-term post-rehabilitative program was the most effective in breaking the vicious cycle of addiction as it helped address the root cause of an addiction.

“This is one response to the crisis that has been proven effective – and this level of care can be carried out with patients through the adoption of telemedicine,” said Julian Shaya, executive vice president, HNC Virtual Solutions.

Problems with current opioid treatment methods

The company based their solution on the findings of an in-depth research conducted on the opioid mess. The results established that most current opioid addiction treatment programs end up aggravating the condition of the patients. For instance,

  • Methadone treatment—which can help decrease heroin and opioid usage—sometimes causes an addiction to both.
  • A short-term method to detox patients, Suboxone also does not prove handier, as people use it for an extended period, thereby deviating from their detoxification process.
  • On the other hand, suppression leads to more persistence as seen by researchers from HNC Virtual Solutions. The more the patients are restricted, the greater is their urge to use substances and they may turn to the black market to satiate their cravings.
  • Further, care providers do not keep abreast of innovative pain management techniques, which can be used as an alternative to opioids.
  • Moreover, fentanyl-laced products constantly add to the high rates of overdose deaths in the country.

All such techniques fail to address the underlying conditions that led to the addiction in the first place. On the contrary, they have unintended repercussions, over a period of time, resulting in the patient not being able to break free of the cycle of addiction.

Telemedicine comes as a reprieve for patients of opioid abuse

Patients are usually deprived of follow-up care because it is either unavailable, does not fit the budget or there are inadequate caregivers and specialists. This is where telemedicine can help by sufficing for issues that offer hindrances in providing long-term post-rehabilitative care.

The HNC Virtual Solutions experts feel that by applying telemedicine extensively in opioid treatment programs, all such shortcomings can be obliterated. Their video and consumer platform can help patients access follow-up care for perpetual monitoring and improving direct one-on-one consultation. They also provide HNC kiosks, which are invaluable for rural care groups as they provide improved access to psychological care for patients. These are also helpful in conditions where remote monitoring of the patients is required and in places where there is a lack of availability of specialties.

HNC’s consumer kiosks provide a place where patient data can be integrated with their medical records to deliver better crisis tracking. Further, community paramedics visiting the patients may advise them to get enrolled for follow-up care through online video sessions on their personal computers or devices.

Although, the way forward is long and arduous, the company is confident that their telemedicine would go a long way by providing a less expensive technique through their multi-level platform approach.

Tackling prescription drug abuse

Millions of people have already perished in the opioid crisis currently ravaging the United States, with millions other facing the same predicament. Undeniably, it would take a herculean effort to deal with the prescription drug crisis.

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