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Invictus Health Group is a leader in providing treatment for substance use disorder (SUD), mental health disorder and dual diagnosis. We have had the opportunity to help many patients achieve long-lasting recovery and a lot of them had many good things to say about our facilities and personnel. We have, therefore, compiled a few testimonials in this section which are a reflection of our cutting-edge treatment programs enveloped in deep, compassionate care. Patients have shared their experiences in detail to inspire others who have similar goals yet are hesitant to take that first important step of seeking help.

If you have any questions or want more information about the programs offered at Invictus Health Group, call at our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 to speak to a member of our team.

*The testimonials are a reflection of an individual’s outcomes which may vary from person to person. We do not claim that what each patient experiences is the characteristic outcome that patients may usually achieve.

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  • Dual Diagnosis
Ahmed's Review

Ahmed’s Review

Devon's Review

Devon’s Review

Kristin's Review

Kristin’s Review

Courtney's Review

Courtney’s Review

Morgan's Review

Morgan’s Review

Thadius's Review

Thadius’s Review

Stephanie's Review

Stephanie’s Review

Harold's Review

Harold’s Review

Leah's Review

Leah’s Review

Alen's Review

Alen’s Review

Maximilian's Review

Maximilian’s Review

Victoris's Review

Victoris’s Review

Christina's Review

Christina’s Review

Charles's Review

Charles’s Review

Marissa's Review

Marissa’s Review

Evan's Review

Evan’s Review

Baylee's Review

Baylee’s Review

Stephanie's Review

Stephanie’s Review

Arden's Review

Arden’s Review

David's Review

David’s Review

Jaden's Review Adolescent

Jaden’s Review Adolescent

Barbara's Review

Barbara’s Review

Johnathan's Review

Johnathan’s Review

Janis's Review

Janis’s Review

Jeff's Review

Jeff’s Review

Austin's Review

Austin’s Review

Family Review Erin

Family Review Erin

Grace's Review

Grace’s Review

Dwight's Review

Dwight’s Review

Robert's Review

Robert’s Review

Lance's Review

Lance’s Review

Lori's Review

Lori’s Review

Samantha's Review

Samantha’s Review

Michael's Review

Michael’s Review

Mark's Review

Mark’s Review

Myles's Review

Myles’s Review

Max's Review

Max’s Review

Elizabeth's Review

Elizabeth’s Review

Karli's Review

Karli’s Review

Hampton's Review

Hampton’s Review

Lauries Review

Lauries Review

Juan's Review

Juan’s Review

Pedro's Review

Pedro’s Review

Micheal's Review

Micheal’s Review

Diana's Review

Diana’s Review

Everardo's Review

Everardo’s Review

Jeremy's Review

Jeremy’s Review

Roger's Review

Roger’s Review

Lindsey's Review

Lindsey’s Review

Family Review Allen

Family Review Allen

Robert's Review

Robert’s Review

Racheal's Review

Racheal’s Review

Tonia's Review

Tonia’s Review

Marcus's Review

Marcus’s Review

Joseph's Review

Joseph’s Review

Terry's Review

Terry’s Review

Megan's Review

Megan’s Review

Marty's Review

Marty’s Review

Kallan's Review

Kallan’s Review

Matt's Review

Matt’s Review

Coleen's Review

Coleen’s Review

Eric's Review

Eric’s Review

Laura's Review

Laura’s Review

Glen's Review

Glen’s Review

Kyra's Review

Kyra’s Review

Joshua's Review

Joshua’s Review

Richard's Review

Richard’s Review

Jacob's Review

Jacob’s Review

Brittany's Review

Brittany’s Review

Everet's Review

Everet’s Review

Joshua's Review

Joshua’s Review

Matthew's Review

Matthew’s Review

April's Review

April’s Review

Tucker's Review

Tucker’s Review

Josh's Review

Josh’s Review

Tobias's Review

Tobias’s Review

Francisco's Review

Francisco’s Review

Devonte's Review

Devonte’s Review

Matt's Review

Matt’s Review

Roxanne Family Review

Roxanne Family Review

Jennifer's Review

Jennifer’s Review

Laxi's Review

Laxi’s Review

Lauren Family Review

Lauren Family Review

Sean's Review

Sean’s Review

Aaron's Review

Aaron’s Review

Aylin's Review

Aylin’s Review

Kim's Review

Kim’s Review

Kelsey's Review

Kelsey’s Review

Collin's Review

Collin’s Review

Gordon's Review

Gordon’s Review

Betty Family Review

Betty Family Review

Alma's Review

Alma’s Review

Irene's Review

Irene’s Review

Ruby's Review

Ruby’s Review

Steven's Review

Steven’s Review

Colton's Review

Colton’s Review

Family Review Micheal

Family Review Micheal

Patterson Family Review

Patterson Family Review

Family Review Keeneth

Family Review Keeneth

Family Review Paul

Family Review Paul

Deana's Review

Deana’s Review

Jennifer's Review

Jennifer’s Review

Darren's Review

Darren’s Review

Gordon's Review

Gordon’s Review

Alyssa's Review

Alyssa’s Review


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