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Robert M.

Robert M.

Robert started taking opiates initially as painkillers and gradually started abusing them. He then moved on to abusing heroin and after that there was no looking back for him. Drugs became his first priority and everything else took a backseat in his life. This impacted not only his close relationships, but also his work. He stopped being productive at work and eventually lost the zeal in life to do the things which he used to enjoy doing earlier. Caught in the grip of addiction, Robert also exhibited violent outbursts and hurt a lot of his friends and family members both physically and emotionally.

While a lot of his near and dear ones kept asking him to seek help for his condition, he continued being in denial. He thought he could handle his addiction on his own and could become sober again. But unfortunately, it was not that easy. Soon, he understood that his ways of trying to achieve sobriety were not working for him. It was at this desperate juncture that he realized how badly he needed help if he needed to be around for his son and fulfil his responsibilities as a father. He saw a lot of his peers losing their lives to drug overdose and the ordeal of their kids after they passed away. He did not want his son to face a similar fate and that’s when he got himself admitted at one of the nearest Invictus Health Group’s detox treatment center.

Robert said that after undergoing the preadmission assessment process at Invictus Health Group, the staff prepared a customized treatment plan for him to be administered under close supervision of his medical team. As a first step, his detoxification treatment program commenced at Invictus Health Group’s Palm Springs facility, which helped prepare his body and mind for the ensuing treatment. Robert especially mentioned that the life skills and coping mechanisms that he learnt at Invictus Health Group helped him to deal with future triggers and stressors.

Further, the positivity that he experienced during the group therapies helped him calm down and now he feels better equipped to deal with his anger issues. During his stay at the Invictus Health Group’s drug rehab center, he made a lot of friends who had a similar story to share. Realizing that he was not the only one going through this, made him feel a lot better mentally and emotionally. He also felt thankful that his family was very supportive during his treatment phase and now that he was back with them, he was looking forward to rebuild his life and be there for his son as a responsible parent.

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