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Megan S.

Megan S.

Born and raised in east Tennessee, Megan had a lovely family with three kids. But she could not keep her family together, as she was deep in the grip of drugs. She was so severely addicted to meth that it was the first thing she looked for after immediately waking up. This drug addiction led her to neglect her kids and family and before she realized, she had messed up her whole life.

Megan also had a history of depression since her childhood and her parents had even consulted a psychiatrist for her at the early age of 4. Since she did not complete her psychiatric treatment, Megan never really recovered from depression and as she grew up, she started relying heavily on drugs to self-medicate her depressive symptoms. Her depression led her to develop a negative attitude towards life. She lost trust in near and dear ones and looked at the glass as always half-empty rather than half-full. Her addiction forced her to steal money from her friends and in the process she lost a lot of her close ones.

Her condition could have further worsened, if the Forever Helping Hands community had not come to her rescue. She heard about them through the local church. They got her admitted to one of the Invictus Health Group behavioral health center.

It was here at Invictus Health Group that her dual diagnosis treatment for addiction and depression started in earnest. Right from the therapist, the skilled staff at Invictus Health Group, and her fellow mates made her feel completely at home during her stay at the facility. For the first time in life, Megan felt that when she was having one of her bad days, she could choose from 12 shoulders to cry on. This gave her a sense of emotional security which truly helped her healing process.

At the facility, as part of the customized drug addiction treatment plan, Megan also learnt the necessary coping skills to prevent a relapse in future. The therapists taught her how to identify her triggers and set her own boundaries. Megan especially enjoyed the alternative healing therapies such as meditation, as it helped her keep calm, remain centered, and boosted her self-esteem.

Now that Megan is fully recovered, she is back to building her family all over again. She now even consults her elder son and guides him to stay away from drugs.

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