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Kendra H.

Kendra H.

Kendra became pregnant at the early age of 18 and unfortunately her son was murdered while she was away at work. This traumatic incident scarred her life and led her to seek solace from the pain and trauma in drugs. After losing her son, Kendra felt her life’s purpose was taken away from her and she started experimenting with various types of substances, whichever was most effective to numb her pain. Later, she went on to have two daughters but by then, she had lost her grip on drug use, was addicted, and life had become a mess for her. While her daughters were rooting for care, she was on the verge of taking her own life.

At the time when she was contemplating suicide, she remembered a helpline number that a friend had shared in case she needed help some day. The thought of leaving behind her lovely daughters made her muster up the courage to call the Invictus Health Group’s helpline number. Kendra realized this was her do or die moment and she did not want her daughters to ask their grandmother after her death as to why their mother never loved them enough to live.

After speaking to the admission counselor, Kendra decided to get herself admitted at one of the nearest Invictus Health Group behavioral health facility. During the assessment process, the physicians apprised her about her dual diagnosis condition of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTST) and addiction. They charted out a customized treatment plan for her and explained how it would be administered. The warmth and care of the therapist made her feel at ease and helped her open up. Apart from medications, Kendra found the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to be really helpful for the management of her PTSD symptoms. She also found the alternative therapies useful, as they helped her calm down and deal better with her nightmares, flashbacks and intrusive memories.

Kendra was amazed by the amount of love and care she received during her stay at the facility. The group therapy sessions were therapeutic in themselves, as they connected her with other individuals going through similar phases in life. This made her feel she was not alone in this and helped her gel and form close associations within the group. She also found friends for life here at the facility.

At present, Kendra has temporary custody of her daughters and they are her source of joy and motivation. She is looking forward to rebuilding her life all over again and this would not have been possible without the timely medical intervention that she received from Invictus Health Group.

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