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Christina L.

Christina L.

Christina had started realizing that she was slowly being drawn into the deep dark realms of depression. She felt low most of the time during the day and feelings of hopelessness and despair had started to set in. She was finding it challenging to get through the day without feeling overwhelmed.

However, the good part was that she had an awareness of her symptoms and it did not take her too long to realize that something was just not right with her. It was at this time that she started browsing the internet seeking for appropriate help with her mental health condition. That’s how she found out about Invictus Health Group and the kind of treatments offered for various mental health conditions.

After going through the detailed information on their website, Christina felt relieved that she had finally found the kind of intervention that she was looking for. She got herself admitted into the nearest Invictus Health Group facility and her treatment started.

Christina found the environment of the facility to be quite comfortable, homely, and relaxing. She especially mentioned the kind of support extended by her therapist and the entire staff of the facility which made her recovery a lot easier than what she had expected. The customized treatment plan and healthy group sessions helped fast-track her recovery process. Considering her introvert nature, Christina had not expected to enjoy the group therapy sessions. But the therapist ensured that everyone in the group felt comfortable and used various ice breaking techniques to help the group open up about their respective issues.

All in all, Christina was impressed with the way the caring and certified staff at Invictus Health Group directed all their energy towards providing quality care for her and the other patients in an environment that was conducive for long-term recovery and healing. Able to face her demons, Christina is now fully recovered and also knows effective coping techniques, if she feels threatened by depression ever again.

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