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Amanda H.

Amanda H.

When Amanda H.’s mom passed away, it left a void within her. To deal with this pain and emptiness in her life, she started taking Xanax. This eventually led her to abuse two grams of drugs per day, including a gram of meth per day. Before she even realized, she was severely addicted and it ate into 14 precious years of her life.

A mother of two kids, Amanda shared that ever since her daughter was born, the poor child had never seen her in a sober state. Despite having a support system at home in the form of her ex-husband and two kids, Amanda could not stop herself from getting pulled into the throes of drug addiction. It started affecting her family life and she was no longer in control of the situation. If that was not all, she started slipping into depression and even attempted suicide. Thankfully, one of her close friends came to her rescue and got her connected to another friend who told her about Invictus Health Group and their effective drug addiction treatment programs.

It was at Invictus Health Group where she was appropriately diagnosed as suffering from an addiction along with a co-occurring condition of major depressive disorder. Recollecting her experience at the facility, Amanda fondly shared how the therapist at Invictus Health Group took special care and effort to get to the root cause of her addiction. She compared the analysis mode adopted by the therapist at Invictus to the peeling of onion layers. She said that the therapist peeled each and every layer of her addiction carefully and gently, till she found the real problem and her core. This detailed analysis helped the therapist to chart out a customized treatment plan for her dual diagnosis condition, which helped her understand her cause of addiction, her triggers and how to manage them. Slowly, stumbling and learning on the way, she achieved recovery.

The qualified and skilled staff at Invictus Health Group instilled the lost confidence in her and the specialized and innovative behavioral health programs helped her recover faster. Today, she is a sober, loving and aware mother, who is enjoying immensely with her kids and trying to make up for the lost years.

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