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Alan D.

Alan D.

Alan was initially admitted at a drug rehab in California, for drug addiction treatment. Though he achieved drug recovery, he slowly slipped into depression. His anxiety levels shot up and he found himself feeling more depressed with every passing day. Slowly, he almost gave up eating. Realizing his poor condition, he started searching online for licensed and credible behavioral health centers and learnt about Invictus Health Group.

After browsing the Invictus Health Group’s detailed website, Alan learnt about the various mental health treatment programs offered here. He gathered some more information by going through the testimonials and the positive reviews encouraged him further to consider getting himself admitted at one of our facilities.

After getting admitted at the nearest Invictus Health Group facility, the first impression that Alan had was that he felt quite at home. The comfortable, warm, and lively environment of the living quarters at Invictus Health Group made him feel at ease. When his treatment started, Alan felt even more comfortable as the therapist designed a customized treatment plan for him. Apart from treatment, he also learnt the coping skills to lead a normal life and prevent relapse.

Alan was initially enrolled for the residential treatment care program and was later upgraded to a partial hospitalization program based on his progress. During both these programs, Alan loved the dedication and care he received from each and every staff member of the Invictus Health Group. He especially enjoyed the group art therapy which helped him unleash his creativity and put his feelings across on a canvas. This brought down his anxiety levels to a large extent. He also found the one-on-one sessions with his therapist to be highly helpful as he received proper consultation and counselling during these. During his stay at the facility, he established close relationships with some of the members, who acted as his emotional support system. He is still in touch with these members.

Fully recovered and enjoying a happy productive life with his family, Alan now recommends the Invictus Health Group facility to anyone whom he sees battling a mental disorder or an addiction. As he can vouch for the quality of treatment offered here and the love, care, and dedication of the clinical team and staff, he is confident that anybody who comes to the fold of Invictus Health Group, would leave recovered and prepared to deal with the world.

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