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Who we are

Invictus Health Group partners with mental health, addiction, and dual diagnosis patients to match them with the most suitable, balanced, and appropriate treatment experience based on their requirements and medical history. We work closely with our extensive network of addiction, mental health, and behavioral health centers to ensure that the patient is able to overcome the disease afflicting them without losing themselves in the process.

We connect the patients with experienced and highly-skilled treatment providers to ensure customized treatment programs that address not only the disease but also the underlying causes. The patient undergoes a careful and comprehensive diagnostic assessment, which provides the blueprint for designing their treatment program. The treatment plan teaches the patients effective life skills based on their individual qualities. These also encourage the patients to look at their addiction or disorder from a broader perspective and constructively emerge as stronger individuals capable of taking care of themselves by solving problems or seeking help.

Our network of specialized treatment facilities located in picturesque locations in Southern California are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified and certified medical staff who administer evidence-based interventions. The staff walks hand in hand with the patients not only during treatment but after also in order to help them achieve long-lasting recovery.

How we help treatment centers?

With an increasing number of people needing addiction and mental health services every day, the existing U.S. health care system cannot help but feel the pressure. To help ease this pressure, Invictus Health Group offers management services to independently owned facilities so that they can concentrate solely on offering treatment plans to patients thereby reducing costs, increasing outcomes, and enriching the overall patient experience.

We help our network of treatment facilities integrate most non-clinical services, like billing, human resource management, administration support, utilization review, marketing, compliance, admission assistance, insurance verification, etc., to ensure that the delivery system of addiction, mental and behavioral health is in place and operates without any glitches. This helps freeing the clinical staff from non-clinical responsibilities, thereby increasing their involvement with the patient and improving the quality of care offered.

How we help patients?

Invictus Health Group is committed to providing improved quality of health care and better access to health care systems in order to empower patients to choose the right treatment program. We understand that a patient, who is already struggling with a debilitating disorder or condition, might not have the willpower to undertake the long and exhausting research needed to select the right treatment facility. Therefore, we help by guiding them to the most suitable treatment option. Their involvement in the process of choosing their path of treatment yields better outcomes, resulting in lasting recovery.

Our 24/7 call centers manned by knowledgeable and considerate representatives can guide the patient to the right treatment center that delivers timely help thus enabling one to enjoy their lives fully. Our network boasts of contemporary and effective treatment modalities, experiential therapies, flexible plans, certified staff, dedicated professionals, multiple treatment approaches, online therapy or telehealth and modern residential facilities to fulfil their commitment to providing high quality care in addiction, mental and behavioral health services.

If you or a loved one are battling an addiction, mental disorder or a behavioral issue and is looking for a partner to help facilitate your search and guide you to the right treatment center, get in touch with the Invictus Health Group. Call our 24/7 helpline 866-548-0190 or chat online with a member from our admissions team

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