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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Program

Invictus Health Group, a leading name in the addiction and mental health treatment landscape, is a platform through which patients can connect with treatment centers.

We interact with patients understanding their requirements and empowering them with the relevant information so that they can make an informed choice for an addiction-free future. We also help them assess their condition so that they can connect with the right mental health treatment intervention.

We work closely with our extensive network of partner addiction and mental health treatment centers to develop and implement the best in-class evidence-based treatment modalities for addiction and mental disorders.

Invictus Health group has helped hundreds of patients connect with the right treatment center based on their requirements. Be it detox, group sessions, individual therapy sessions, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication help, or management of mental disorders, Invictus Health Group can help you.

Treatment Programs

Invictus Health Group connects patients with the right treatment center based on their needs and requirements. Our trained admission counsellors assess your condition through expert intervention and guide you to choose the best treatment plan tailored to suit your condition. Here is a quick overview of the type of treatment modalities we offer.

A detox treatment is a set of interventions aimed to help effectively manage withdrawal symptoms, rid the body of the toxins accumulated over the years and prepare the body for further treatment. Click here to understand the interventions our network partners offer for detox.

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Addiction is a vicious cycle that gets worse with time if timely intervention is not sought. An addiction treatment program is a combination of medication management, alternative therapies, and planned counseling sessions aimed at breaking the cycle of addiction. Click here to understand how our network partners can be instrumental in helping you or a loved take that first step towards recovery.

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Mental health disorders can be effectively and successfully managed with the help of deliberate and scheduled intervention and medication management. Meticulous and precise care can go a long way in helping overcome mental health disorders. 

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Dual diagnosis is when a person is battling an addiction along with a mental health disorder. Such cases require a two-pronged treatment approach that helps manage their symptoms while actively working towards treating their conditions. Click here to understand how our network partners offer such an approach combined with personalized care for effective dual diagnosis treatment.

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Measurement-based care (MBC) is the practice of basing clinical care on client data collected throughout treatment. By measuring symptoms from the patient’s perspective before, during and after treatment, clinicians can mold treatment programs to make them highly effective. Click here to know how measurement-based care, offered by our network partners, can help you overcome both a mental health disorder and addiction.

Recovery is a journey that requires continuous hand-holding and encouragement. Click here to know how network partners offer this support to ensure that you or a loved one are not left stranded during your journey to recovery.

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